About to Dance – Connecting

About to dance -Connecting 2011-2012

About to Dance – Connecting  project  focuses on different roles and ideas of art and artist in western society. What kind of situations and meetings will happen in an art project in which the aim is to talk about meanings of care/caring in society and pass on messages from individuals to politicians/officials?

The project is happening in various ways and in different environments. There is a strong emphasis on process based working and on finding many possibilities to share and show works on different stages of the processes. About to dance – Connecting can be devided into two bigger projects plus various side projects. One of the bigger projects is about delivering messages and the other one is a duet project (” 3 duets about caring”) in which dance professionals and a people with not much previous background in dancing meet and work together on themes of care. Work-in-progress showings, installations, site specific actions and workshops, events, open dance workshops  and discussions happen throughout the working time. Dance, photographs, sounds, words and meetings grow into different dialoques, installations and interpretations of these lived moments and actions.

About to Dance – Connecting team
Pia Lindy, dance and performance artist: concept and choreography, contacts, performance
Annuska Dal Maso, photographer: photographs and visual design
Johanna Fredriksson, producer
Juhana Venäläinen, cultural recearcher: writing and sound
About to Dance – Connecting has received support from National Council for Dance, The Regional Arts Council of Northern Carelia, Eastern Regional Dance Centre


Pia Lindy:  JOKU KOHTA TANSSII- About to Dance  (2001- 2011)

is an on-going art project in which meetings and actions have moved out from theater space or context to street environment and other public sites. Meeting people  face to face in public realm has opened possibilities to contemplate dance and embodiment in society as well as different performative aspects, alternative forms of performance and levels of communication.

Contact/more info: Pia Lindy +358 50 352 6342,  pia.lindy@gmail.com

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