Mediations at the Festival

Pia Lindy (FIN): Välittämistä festivaalilla
Pia Lindy acts as a mediator between the artists, audience and festival organization during the DO TANK program. In her role as a mediator Lindy, assisted by photographer Annuska Dal Maso, uses writing and documentary means to bring up a variety of interpretations and perspectives generated by the DO TANK events as well as reactions that have come up in the course of the events.
Together with the artists, audiences and specialists from various walks of life Lindy creates spaces and situations to reflect on the practices and ways to influence society found by the DO TANK program. Writings and interviews along with visual and audio statements appear at the festival sites, on the Internet and in social media, announcing diversity, critical observation and politics of openness.

Concept: Pia Lindy
Photos & Video: Annuska Dal Maso

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